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The Portable Laptop Stand That Transforms Into a Full-Height Standing Desk Anywhere

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 43 cm

18 reviews for DriftDesk

  1. Michael Hale (verified owner)

    I have the DriftDesk and LOVE IT! I use it in my kitchen, and it works perfectly, there, above all the ‘stuff’ in a kitchen. I was one of the early backers before the mouse and keyboard attachments were made available. Now, I would like to know how I can obtain them. Thank you. Great and innovative project!

  2. Cynthia B. (verified owner)

    I arrived home today and my DriftDesk was waiting for me. I am so glad I didn’t send it back!! What a fantastic product and I appreciate you including both the mouse and keyboard attachments!

    Thank you!!


  3. DawnMarie Cook (verified owner)

    best sit stand I have used! Now to keep my husband from stealing it.😊

  4. Heide Hoffmann (verified owner)

    It has arrived!!! 😊😊😊 Wonderful, I like it, it will get lots
    of use!


  5. Aaron Steele (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. I use my drift desk in very public spaces and am already receiving a lot of attention, so you should see more orders soon.

  6. Katrin Stamme (verified owner)

    arrived today! i am very happy with the stability.

  7. Larry M (verified owner)

    I finally got my items, and it was worth the wait. I AM AMAZED by the product. It is everything you said it would be.

    I bought four –one for me and three for my family–, yet I want to get more for friends!!!

    Please let me know where I can get them.

  8. Mark Hughes (verified owner)

    Very nice quality.

    Thank You. I like it. I have a up/down desk, but will use it in the garden outside.

  9. MARTINET David (verified owner)

    The product is awesome.

    Thanks for all.

  10. Beth C (verified owner)

    I received mine and love it. Way better than another similar stand (too hard to open and close) purchased from A and this came with tools to adjust. I’m so happy I took a chance with you! I need another please… Thanks!

  11. Teddy Matayoshi (verified owner)

    Backer #147.

    Received my DriftDesk today. Very sturdy build.

  12. Marvyl A. (verified owner)

    My husband bought this ipad/laptop stand for me because I wanted to be able to work with the ipad or laptop at eye level instead of bending my head down. This stand is so versatile in the height adjustments that it works while I’m sitting or standing. It is very high quality and folds down to fit in a laptop bag or just a large purse if I want to take it to the coffee shop or on vacation. I would highly recommend this product.

  13. David Hobley (verified owner)

    Thank you. Its awesome.

  14. Arnold D. (verified owner)

    I got it about a week ago, its great, every pone keeps asking me where i
    got it, it’s a bit heavy though but i love it.

    Thank you for the great invention.

  15. Gary Nelson (verified owner)

    The unit is first class, great quality rugged and has a nice
    range of height. This should last for many years.

  16. Glenn h. (verified owner)

    very pleased thank you πŸ‘

  17. Seth Gibbs (verified owner)

    The product is well made and works as advertised.

  18. Nevin K. (verified owner)

    Received it today and the product’s great

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